The Mission
We believe that every human being deserves a chance to provide for his / her family, and not live in a perpetual poverty.
Their Services
• Employer based financial Wellness Program.
• Financial Safety Net.
• Savings and Emergency loans.
The Goals
• Provide employees ( primarily low wage workers ) with the ability to build and maintain longer-term savings.
 • Enable participants to access affordable credit to deal with unexpected financial emergencies ( no more payday loans ).
 • Allow participants to responsibly build their credit score over time.
The Challenge
• Friendly, but with a "tech startup" look and feel.
• Must have some kind of "Financial Symbolism". Their Target Audience are people with financial issues.
• Visually translate our Mission into a Logo Mark + Typography.
• Should appeal to a wide range of people, and not be boring.
• Must have an emphasis on the younger generation, yet still be relevant for an older audience.

Brand Persona Document
My Solution
Brand Mark
• "O" letter / Icon symbolizing a "piece of pie" ( financial pie ) with a one slice pointing upward ( and downward ), symbolizing growth, progress, abundance.
• Maintaining the "tech-startup" persona, while also expressing a more "approachable" vibe
• Modern, friendly and potentially appealing to a wide range of people => TRUST
• The "O" can be used  as a standalone / "brand mark"

• modern  ( techie and futurisitc )
• approachable and friends ( rounded corners )
• potentially appealing to a wide range of people ( approachably generic ) 

• we used the Blue in order to infuse the company with a better sense of "trust"
• we used the lighter Blue because of the target audience`s preferences ( younger )
Mindmaping Tonewords
Word Cloud 
Initial Sketches
Main Logo Mark
Full Logotype
In Context
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