The Project`s WHY
Mark's mission is to help people "get better at life". I personally ( aren't we all ) resonate with his efforts.

Before Designs

Project's GOALS
Initial Brief

Build Authority and position as Market Leader
Build a Movement / Tribe
Build Trust with his Target Audience in an Authentic way
Generate Leads
Design should be Friendly and Approachable
Engaged Community
Captivate people's Hearts by mirroring their Hopes, Fears and Desires
Honest, Real, Raw and Vulnerable Vibe
Blog Design - more Blog Comments

Target Market

Female Life Coaches

Emphasising his Vulnerability - Brand Key Point
( by showing him on the first page with open arms, welcoming them )

Using Light Color Schemes
( for females )

Backgrounds and Textures with "Flowers of Life"
( mirroring the "spiritual" aspect of Mark's work )

Light and easy Color Schemes that reflect an
"Approachable" vibe and attitude
( mi website su website )

Rounded Edges and Angles
( ( female ) instead of straight angles ( male ) )

I included Opt-Ins for capturing emails
( Generate Leads )

Case Studies and testimonials for Social Proof, etc.
( Trust )

Clear and big CTA`s ( Call to Actions )
( Generate Leads )

The Results
Enabled him to:

Expand his Confidence and Online Reach
( by looking like "Pro" )

Increased Perceived Value / Authority
( the website looks and feels inspired ( for his audience, specifically ) )

The New Branding reflects his unique Purpose, "Vibe" and Mission
( for his audience, specifically )

Capture Leads via Big, bright Opt Ins

Increase Engagement via their newly designed Blog

Optimized Marketing Efforts
( he now knows his audience better = greater focus )

Mindmaping Keywords
Initial Sketchings
Initial Ideas
Final Logo
Main Font
Collaterals in Context
Landing Page Wireframes
Landing Page Design
Main Blog Page
Products Page
Contact Page
Social Media
Interactive PDF`s for his Courses
Branded Quote for Social Media
Branded Email Signature + CTA ( Call to Action )
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