Branding a 
product development-manufacturing-distribution-retail value chain.
Bit about Hubmade
•  They change the way ideas turn into products and is the result of a two-year analysis of product development-manufacturing-distribution-retail value chain and group sourcing/funding/buying.

What they do
•  For people with ideas, Hubmade brings them the joy and satisfaction of seeing their idea become real and to profit from it.
•  For skilled professionals,  Hubmade brings them the satisfaction of doing meaningful work and of  
receiving a fair reward that goes on as long as the product they designed is sold.  
•  For buyers, Hubmade gives them the satisfaction of embracing an idea,  
of contributing energy and perhaps money to see it come to life, and to own it.
How they do it
• For people with ideas, Hubmade enables them to get the idea out of their head and into the world. 
• For skilled professionals, Hubmade allows them to participate in a new way of  
creating and to be a partner in a product, rather than a hired hand.  
• For buyers, Hubmade let’s them contribute to and influence the  
design of the products that they buy so that they get a product that they want,  
the way they want it.

Identifying the PROBLEM
Today products are produced by large companies that are removed from the people they serve. 
They make the products in other countries to save money, but in doing so, they take jobs away from the people they serve and lower the quality to lower the cost. 

Finding Solutions
How can a product development company better resonate to its customers?

I had to design a brand with a look and feel that resonated with 3 different target audiences.
For people with ideas. For skilled professionals. For buyers.


Initial Explorations
Brand Mark
• The mark had to represent the overlap of the 3 separate target audiences, uniting them into a whole. The whole being the Hubmade community / platform.
Full Logo
The Outcome
Brand Guidelines
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