Re-Branding a SaaS helping that
enables event managers build memorable events.
Bit about MasterBadge
Fully featured platform with tools and features for every-type of conference/event.

What they do
• Real time TV monitoring service that outputs unbiased data. They help event managers minimise organising risks by offering seamless registration processes.
• Scanning algorithms powered by machine learning identifying any brand advertising on TV. 
• Providing unaltered, raw data sets that customers can effortlessly integrate into their existing workflow using industry standard data connectors.

How they do it
• Attendee Registration
• Reports & Analytics
• Email Marketing
• RFID Tracking
• Event Websites
• Mobile Event Apps
1000s of virtual machines running in the Cloud, running extensively trained and tested for accuracy machine learning models.
• Delivering data across channels and countries and can pipe the data in real time directly into data warehouses. 
• The service is fully automated (without human intervention).

Identifying the PROBLEM
At the day of the conference/event, all NEEDS to go well. Most of the time, it doesn’t.
Most event organising SaaS look terribly generic and untrustworthy, making the user think: “I can’t afford to screw this up!"
Finding Solutions
We had to design a brand with a look and feel that resonates with a (usually) female event organising expert. They are approachable and friendly. 

Brand Mark
Initial Explorations
Final Brand Mark
• The brand mark had to represent the overlap of 2 event badges, like the old logo had, keeping consistency. At the same time, we made the mark more balanced and aligned with the “friendly and approachable” target audience we looked for to impress. 
Full Logo
The Outcome
Old Landing Page
New Landing Page
Old Features Page
New Features Page
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