Bit about aiLegal
• aiLegal Smart Cloud is a secure legal platform, powered by blockchain and AI technologies to create, automate, distribute, execute, transact, analyse and store lifecycle legal files for individuals and businesses.

What they do
• aiLegal assists people in managing their lifecycle legal files.

How they do it
• Machine Learning via computing systems to learn from data clustering, regression, or classification.
• Terms, clauses and conditions are machine understandable and automatically executable.
• Blockchain that supports multiple business applications.

Identifying the PROBLEM
Unsophisticated non-attorneys are not be able to manage and automate simple routine legal matters relevant to their lives, by themselves.
Finding Solutions
How can a  tech startup in the legal field better resonate to its customers?

They are not sure whether anything is correct in their legal files or they haven't done any legal files which they need to do. 
They are worried about the productivity, malpractice issues such as missing cases deadline or lack of communications.

Initial Explorations
Final Brand Mark
• I had to blend the "digital" + "legal" + "files".
Full Logo
The Outcome
Ready for all situations
Various sizes and a modular approach blending the collaborating elements.
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