Bit about zbizlink
• zbizlink helps proposal writers save time by automating more than 80% of their tasks. 

What they do
• Increase win rates and improve forecast accuracy.
• Shorten bid response times.
• Improve compliance.
• Analyse win rates.
• Manage past performance information and other corporate assets .
How they do it
• One click create a profile, system is integrated with SAM and LinkedIn. 
• Cloud-based Solution no more installation.
• Clear and Compliant proposal response system designed according to the Shipley Method.

Identifying the PROBLEM
Proposal writers are Overwhelmed.
They are busy with a million other more important
tasks than having to manually build proposals from scratch, every time.
Frustrated that they spend energy, time and a lot of effort doing ineffective tasks that could easily be automated.
Finding Solutions
How can a proposal management SaaS better resonate to its customers?

Ideal Target Audience
Initial Explorations
Final Brand Mark
• The mark had to represent the link between business and proposals. Proposal writers deal a lot with “papers”, so they’re familiar with the visual metaphor of a paperclip. 
Full Logo
The Outcome
Brand Guidelines
Website Ready​​​​​​
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