• Enable accurate time sheets in order to allow better decision making because of more accurate utilisation, capacity, and profitability numbers.

• Online tool that tracks timesheet problems.

"The company's name is “Clockk," and we'd like the logo to not be a clock.
We want a more abstract version of representing “Time” visually.
Simple will certainly be the goal of the logo.
We prefer simple logos that consumers could redraw from memory."

Tone Words / Keywords
•  Time, Sheets Invoice, Accurate, Machine Learning, Automate.

Brand Mark
• "The hourglass mark" was our solution towards avoiding using a “clock metaphor".

• “Techy" rounded edged typography intentionally targeted at creative people using online technology."

•  Green as their Brand's Main Colour Theme.
• their idea target audience is people who care most about “tracking progress”. Green is all about growth and evolution @Nature.
clock mind map
Initial Ideas
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