Bit about MLMedia
• Pinpointing competitive marketing blind spots via machine learning TV analytics. 

What they do
• Real time TV monitoring service that outputs unbiased data.
• Scanning algorithms powered by machine learning identifying any brand advertising on TV. 
• Providing unaltered, raw data sets that customers can effortlessly integrate into their existing workflow using industry standard data connectors.

How they do it
• 1000s of virtual machines running in the Cloud, running extensively trained and tested for accuracy machine learning models.
• Delivering data across channels and countries and can pipe the data in real time directly into data warehouses. 
• The service is fully automated (without human intervention).

Identifying the PROBLEM
• Advertisers are spending a lot of money and 'flying blind’.
• Advertisers are trying to understand their TV efficiency & effectiveness in a rapidly changing world of consumer media consumption. 
• The massive growth of consumer attention in digital makes them question traditional TV activity but they have no good data on what they should do.
Finding Solutions
How can a we look credible and trustworthy and technically on our game? 

Ideal Target Audience
Initial Explorations
Final Brand Mark
•  I decided to go with a “disruptive” geometric figure. Due to their “break the old paradigm” business philosophy, I went with the sharp triangles, pointing upwards, symbolising an “upward and onward” mindset. 

Also, being an analytics company I subliminally intentioned the arrows to suggest an up and down growth / decline.
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The Outcome
Brand Guidelines
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